Campus is situated at the heart of the city. The school is located in one of the oldest areas of Bangalore which has rich cultural heritage.
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The school classrooms are well lit, spacious and equipped with K-Class (K Yan equipments).
K-Yan that signifies Knowledge Vehicle is one of the core technology components of K-Class. Designed at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay, the K-Yan combines a hi-tech projector with a PC, a DVD writer, a TV tuner, in-built speakers, a 500 GB HDD, 3G-Internet, a wireless keyboard and a mouse – all in one box


A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life.
We have a well equipped library and also classroom libraries are maintained.

IT Infrastructure

Our school has two well equipped computer labs with state of the art infrastructure.


Children learn better by doing. The school is well equipped with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.Practical classes are compulsory for all classes from 6 to 12.

Physics Lab

The Physics lab is equipped with a wide variety of apparatus which supplement and strengthen concepts learnt in the classrooms. Other than models and flowcharts , a projector placed in there makes room for innovative methods of teaching scientific concepts, thus touching the inquisitiveness of the young minds.

Chemistry Lab

The limitless opportunities to experiment with the reagents and chemicals in the Chemistry lab facilitate the growth of scientific temper and kindle curiosity in the students.

Biology Lab

The environment of the Bio Lab inculcates love for all living organisms. Its holds a mirror unto the marvellous world of microbes, thus providing an impetus to the students to look for successful career options in life sciences. The lab is a home to a wide variety of specimens, ranging from a bacteria to a human skeleton.

Sports infrastructure

Playing and physical exercises are vital to all.
The school has a spacious field with Basket ball and volley ball courts.

Tennis club

The Tennis Club was started in 1926 with a handful of ladies belonging to the middle income groups who started playing Badminton and Tennis. The club became so popular that it rapidly grew in strength and in 1934 the first Open Tennis Tournament was held. The club had a well known tennis player called Mr.Rama Rao as their first tennis coach. Membership grew by leaps and bounds and a second and third tennis court was added. The ‘Lakshmi Bai’ Pavilion was opened by Princess Sujayakantammanniyavaru on February 24th 1943.


The Silver Jubilee of the Recreation Club held in 1954. In the earlier years, Ball Badminton was very popular. Some of our members had the distinction of playing for the state. To mention a few they were Smt. Sushila Rajagopal, Smt. Leela Shanthamallapa, Smt. Malati Sidenur, Smt. Rukmini Narasimhan, Smt. Jayalakshmi Seshadri, Smt. Rukminiamma and others. Moisha Vinayaka, a very good player, passed out of our school recently
In the year 1963, The Mysore State Ball Badminton Association staged the National Championship in Bangalore. Mahila Seva Samaja came forward to give the courts for the matches at the National level.
Shuttle Badminton became popular in Mahila Seva Samaja, when the Auditorium-cum-Recreation Club was opened by Smt. Lakshmi Menon in May 1959. At that time, there was only one court. Players had to forego practice sessions when there was a function in the auditorium.
Now the players of the school can utilize the facilities provided in the school to the maximum extent.
With the inauguration of these two courts, the school looks forward to encouraging shuttle Badminton. The school will make the courts available before and after the school hours to women interested in this sport through the Badminton Club. The school will provide coaching facilities to take the standard of this sport to greater heights. We look forward to many women and students becoming members of the Badminton Club and making full use of the recreation facilities in the school.


Situated inside the school campus, the auditorium, more popularly known as Unnati, inaugurated by Smt Arundati Nag in the year 2008 on 18th January, is equipped with the most modern and state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities and has a massive seating capacity of approximately 350. The sound and fire -proof auditorium hosts numerous events, including graduation ceremonies, annual day and award functions, inter-school and intra-school competitions, plays and dances, to name just a few.